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n acircna kednessnanabob of the mussulmennacshatra or the time during which the moon is traversing itnacshatranagnagari character of the sanskrit languagenagasnaiknail is gone throughnail or peg sharp at both ends for joining the seams of boardsnail paringsnail to the crossnail used in joining the spars of a roofnail which fastens the beam of a ploughnail which fastens the ploughshare to the ploughnail with a headnail with out a headnail with the headnailnailingnails resembling clovesnailsnairdathamnaked as the forehead without ashesnaked devoteenaked mendi cantsnaked mendicant of the sannyasi classnaked mendicantnaked personnakednessnakula and sahadevanalikaisname applied to a female twin when the other is a boyname combined with south and north common to two of the nine division of the known continentname for musical instrumentsname for the town of periacolomname given by saivas to a book of manikavasakarname given to the hero of a poemname givenname lessname of a bird with eight feetname of a birdname of a book containing forty agreeable apho rismsname of a book containing forty stanzas on various evilsname of a book containing rules for jug glery or legerdemainname of a buddhist who became a convert to saivismname of a castename of a cele brated devoteename of a cele brated poet whoname of a cele brated rishiname of a cele brated saintname of a celebrated courtezan in the time of avvyarname of a celebrated king of the line of the pan dava princesname of a celebrated lawgiver and divine sagename of a celebrated monkeyname of a celebrated pagoda on the island of sree rungam near trichinopolyname of a celebrated work on the agama religionname of a celestial singername of a christian composition in tamilname of a cityname of a commentatorname of a country and its language one of the eighteenname of a country in northern indianame of a country north of madrasname of a country on the western coast between canara and the concanname of a countryname of a creepername of a crested birdname of a daityaname of a deity or holy personname of a demonname of a devilname of a diseasename of a districtname of a division in nann umacrname of a famous brahmanname of a fishname of a forest rendered sacred by the perfor mance of austeritiesname of a giant who had the neck of a horsename of a giantname of a hill having a fane at the basename of a horsename of a kind of arsenicname of a king in mythologyname of a king with a thousand armsname of a kingname of a large timber treename of a logical workname of a man distinguished for his justicename of a medical treatisename of a monarch of the solar racename of a monthname of a mountain in the south near maduraname of a mountain sacred to sivaname of a mountain sacred to skandaname of a mountainname of a muniname of a muntraname of a ne gunduname of a negunduname of a nishada or fisherman chief who became a good friend of rama at a certain ferryname of a person inserted in an incantationname of a place near maduraname of a place on the coast of peguname of a place sacred to sivaname of a plant whose seeds rattle in the legumenname of a plantname of a poet of the madura collegename of a poetname of a prepared arsenicname of a r aacutename of a rakshasaname of a red fishname of a reptile whose lick is supposed to be poisonousname of a rishiname of a river in the madura districtname of a river near cuddalorename of a rivername of a sacred river near benaresname of a sea fowlname of a serpentname of a shas traname of a shrub and of it nutname of a shrubname of a small birdname of a small fishname of a small work of forty versesname of a snakename of a son of brahmaname of a sove reignname of a species of poem describing a female from head to footname of a spreading shrubname of a starname of a tamil grammar made by 2name of a tamil treatisename of a tawnname of a thorny shrubname of a titanname of a town in the carnaticname of a town in the madura districtname of a town near tellicherry where the priest of the mad duvar residesname of a town near that mountname of a town near tranquebarname of a town north west of madrasname of a town of asurasname of a town or where the kurumba tribes once flourishedname of a townname of a treatisename of a treename of a tunename of a variety of medicinal creepersname of a village near sadras where are sait pansname of a vishnu devoteename of a water birdname of a woman who was one of the sixty three devotees of sivaname of a work on astrologyname of a work on human anatomyname of a work on moralityname of adams peakname of agastyaname of aiyanarname of an agricultural caste among the telugu peoplename of an ancient celebrated sanskrit poetname of an ancient king of oudename of an ancient kingname of an ancient liberal kingname of an ancient town near maduraname of an as tronomical treatise in tamilname of an astrological treatisename of an asuraname of an attendant on kaliname of an edible and medicinal creepername of an eminent poet of the ancient tamil college at maduraname of an excellent medicinename of an herbname of an illustrious prince of the chola dynastyname of an in ferior deity one of the generals in skandas armyname of another townname of any of the ancient kings of the chola dynastyname of any of the princes of the p aacutename of arghaname of arjuna as companion of krishnaname of arjunaname of arundhati who is regarded as a pattern of female excellencename of ayanar as son of vishnu and sivaname of bala bhadraname of bhai ravanname of bhishmaname of brahmaname of chillumbrumname of countryname of deityname of dhri tarashtraname of dhuruparyname of dron aacutename of drona the military preceptor of the pandavas and gurusname of dronaname of durga