English to Tamil dictionary words starting with h

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ha bitsha bituatedha rassedha tred or grudgehabergeonhabi tationhabilimenthabiliments of an ascetichabilimentshabithabitationhabitationshabits of a culti vatorhabitshabituate ones selfhabituatehabituatedhabituating ones self to any thinghackhacked or slashed pieces as in battlehackedhackeryhad gunhad the parents been livinghad three headshafthaghagglehaggling in a bargainhail stoneshailhailinghair clothhair curlhair curlshair dressers tradehair fan formed of the tail of the yac used for fanning idols at temple festivalshair fanshair in generalhair knot on the top of the headhair knothair of a femalehair of an elephants tailhair of femaleshair of the bodyhair of the head of either male or femalehair of the head of menhair of the headhair of which early turns greyhair ointmenthair on an elephants neck a short kind of manehair on the bodyhair or beard growing grey here and therehair pencilhair pinhair stuck togetherhair thick set on the bodyhair tied behind or on one sidehairhairs breadthhairs of a caterpillarhairs of the bodyhairy tail of an animalhairy tailhalf a cocoa nuthalf a mouthfulhalf a quarterhalf a watchhalf alivehalf animalhalf boiledhalf brother of ramahalf commonly of landhalf cooked as foodhalf deadhalf donehalf in their native state and half preparedhalf measure of paddyhalf measure of ricehalf moidorehalf moonhalf of a bul locks loadhalf of a cocoa nut leafhalf of a cocoa nut shellhalf of a cocoa nuthalf of a cocoanut leaf or esculent palmyra roothalf of a cocoanut shellhalf of a cocoanuthalf of a dayhalf of a debthalf of a dried palmyra nuthalf of a filled baghalf of a lunar month for fortnighthalf of a pal myra leafhalf of a palmyra leafhalf of a persons step in measuring his shadow for ascertaining the hourhalf of a split palmyra treehalf of the day timehalf of the duration of an eclipsehalf open or inclinedhalf or other piece of a cocoa nut shellhalf or top of the cocoa nut shell often burnt to pre vent the blight of the eyehalf pagodahalf the life time of brah mahalf the nighthalf willingnesshalfhall for a splendid marriage ceremonyhall for learning or reciting the vedashall in which an idol is placed to rest after processionhall in which students are taughthall of assemblyhall of audiencehall or assembly room of indrahall or palacehall or public room in a househall or room where the thirty two acts of charity are practisedhall orna mented with crystalhall with pictureshallhallia sororiahalliard or rope for hoisting a sailhalo about the sun or moonhalo of gloryhalo round the sun or moonhalohalthalter for a beasthalter for an elephanthalterhalting or hobbling leghalting placehaltinghalvehalvesham merhamlet of fishermenhamlet or district of five hundred familieshamlethamletshammerhamperhampered feet of beastshand being washed afterwardhand bell of the offici ating brahman in a temple or other wisehand bellhand buckethand closedhand cuffhand downhand ful of plants for plantinghand fulhand gunhand hol lowed and closed to receive water to drinkhand in workinghand itching to strikehand kerchief dyed redhand knifehand laborhand lance or darthand lancehand languagehand lifthand maidhand millhand or mindhand rings are cuthand sawhand some manhand somenesshand workhandhanded down from generation to generationhandful of cocoanut leaveshandful of cotton prepared for spinninghandful of grainhandful of grasshandful of paddyhandful of reaped corn in stalkshandful of reaped grainhandful of rice given by a house wife to the brahmanshandful of sandhandful of strawhandful of which when boiledhandfulhandfuls of rice taken from the daily allowancehandicrafthandiness in presenting or receiving a thing properly or grace fullyhandinesshandker chief interwoven with goldhandker chiefhandkerchiefhandle anything dirtyhandle as of instrumenthandle of a ladlehandle of a ploughhandle of a rudderhandle of a spinning wheelhandle of a straight kindhandle of a sword