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o admirationo endureo idle habits as carrying the head on one sideo ladyo maritime rulero pity or distresso ruin o destruction an imprecationo thirstoak appleoakumoar of split bambuoaroath or promiseoath upon ones selfoathob jects of worship as sivaob jects of worshipob scenityob scurationob scurityob servationob serveob structing the throatob struction in readingobduracyobdurateobe dience or submissionobe dienceobe dientobedience of submission of wives to their husbandsobedienceobedient discipleobedientlyobei sanceobeisance by raising the handsobeisanceobeisantobeliskobesityobey the lawobeyobeyingobiong hollow ring of brass filled with pebbles and shaken before an idolobjec tionobject in viewobject of a workobject of actionsobject of aimobject of comparison or that with which anything is comparedobject of desireobject of loveobject of pityobject of sense as soundobject of sightobject of subject exciting doubtobject of the five sensesobject of visionobject of which is to conduct one to a superiorobject of worship being the privities of a naked womanobject or intention of the speakerobject or meaning of a passageobject to be secured in taking a bodyobject toobjectobjectionobjective caseobjects of knowledgeobjects of wor shipobjects suitable for a manobjects worthy of investigation and know ledgeoblation of riceoblation to sivaoblation to the inferior divinitiesoblationoblations pre sented to the five faces of sivaoblations to the godsoblationsobli gationobli quityobligation imposed by peculiarities of tribe or occupationobligation or chargeobligation which the child owes to its parentobligationobligations of a slave to his masterobligations of friendshipobligations of the heir to pay the debts of a deceased personobligationsobliging discourseobliging dispositionobliging personobligingoblique or slantingobliquenessobliquity of disposi tionobliquity of mindobliquityobliterate by rubbingobliterateobliterated by rubbingobliteratedobliteration by rubbingobliteration or other defect in a marked lineobliterationoblivion as to the events of a former birthoblivionoblivious personoblong board with ten pinsoblong figureoblong or other kind of basketoblong ring of brass filled with stones and shaken in a templeoblong squareoblongobnoxious toobnoxiousnessobscene expressionobscene languageobscene talkobsceneobscenityobscuration of the understandingobscuration of wisdomobscuration or beclouding of the understanding or the spiritual facultiesobscuration or darkening of the understandingobscurationobscure eveningobscure placeobscure speech or writingobscure trackobscureobscurenessobscurer of soulsobscuring the mindobscuringobscurity as of the sun in an eclipseobscurity in languageobscurity of mindobscurityobse quiousnessobsequiesobsequious attentionsobser vanceobservance of a proper and prescribed couse of conductobservance of duties to superiorsobservance of proper rulesobservance of religious ritesobservance of ritesobservance of the pre cepts of the saiva religionobservanceobservances of the first degree in saivism which is entered upon by initiation of a guruobservancesobservationobserve a fastobserve abstinenceobserve and reciteobserve with due rites or formsobserveobserved after a course of medicineobserved by boiling riceobserved in horoscopesobserved to ascertain whether the year will be fruitfulobserving omensobserving prescribed duties according to ones casteobservingobsoleteobsta cleobstacleobstacles and impedimentsobstaclesobsti nacyobstinacy in maintaining ones opinionobstinacyobstinate determinationobstinate fellowobstinate manobstinate or revengeful personobstinate personobstinateobstinately affirming or denyingobstruc tionobstructobstructedobstructing a procedure by oathobstructing dischargesobstructing or hindering as the water from flowing over ones landobstructingobstruction in the chestobstruction of the breastobstruction of the ears or dullness of hearingobstruction of the menses and consequent swelling of the abdomen operating as a preventive to pregnancyobstruction of the mensesobstruction of the throatobstruction of urine in cattleobstructionobstructions of the mensesobtain shelterobtain sight of an idolobtainobtained at benares and carried about the country by religious mendi cantsobtained by churning the sea of milkobtained by imposing on others