English to Tamil dictionary words starting with r

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r acircra a bestower of wealthra as having a human naturera countryra diancera diatera dynastyra kishnessra racerarabbitrabblerable land near a riverrace courserace horserace of a horserace of brahmansrace of demonsrace of godsrace of kings from chandrarace of manrace of monkeysrace of people said to in habit saka dwiparaceracingrack for booksrack or frame in a room for setting things onrack over a fireplacerackradi atingradiance or heat of the sunradiance or splendor of the sunradianceradical form of a word without the affixesradical of many words signifying redradicalradii of a circleradius of the earths equatorradix or indivisible part of a wordraffling ticketraft of boardsraftrafter resting upon a beamrafterrafters in buildingraftersrag coated with luting tied over a pot for calcining medicinesrag of clothragrage and swellrageragefulragged personraggyraging as the searagingragsragu the ascending node regarded as a planetragu the ascending noderahmas cityrail eryrailingrailleryrain after cessation and droughtrain bowrain driven inrain droprain dropsrain extending through the countryrain from hillsrain from the eastrain in the hot sea sonrain in the proper seasonrain in torrentsrain is both destructive and restorativerain or dewrain or thunder in the distancerain softlyrain that falls in the ploughing and sowing seasonrainrainbowraining fireraining in torrentsraining lightlyrainingrainy appearancerainy appearancesrainy aspectrainy cloudrainy seasonrainy streaks in the cloudsraise a tumultraise higher as a wall in buildingraise on one sideraise ones self to a higher degree in preparation for a future stateraise the armraise the handsraise the head when in a lying postureraise the quills as a porcupineraiseraised area for sittingraised area within a for tificationraised floor on the outside or inside of the shorter wall of a native houseraised floor or verandahraised floorraised margin of a fire placeraised open square for sittingraised place for gar land makersraised place for the idol when is performedraised place for tulasi plantsraised platform bricks with steps near the car on which the idol is placed before being put into the carraised platform for watching fieldsraised platformraised ridge between garden bedsraised seatraised side of a fieldraised stage for watching a fieldraised terrace within a rampartraised verandahraised workraisinraising money by bor rowingraising the knife at each strokeraising up the headraising upraisingrakerakesrakshasrakshasa femalerakshasa said to have been killed by indrarakshasa the brother of ravanarakshasarakshasasram bred for fightingram devoted or vowed for sacrificeram ming downram of a spe cies of sheepram of fleecy sheepram of the common sheepramrama in the seventh incarnation of vishnurama one of the in carnations of vishnuramaramayana in odes and adapted to musicramble aboutramble in company with femalesrambleramblingramifi cationramificationramifyramifying narrativerammingramnad chief town of the maravarsramnadrampart within the parapetrampartramrod of a gunramrod of woodramrodramsran aeranranci dityrancid as stale foodrancid gheerancidrancidityrancorrancorat heart with professions of friendshiprancoror implacable hatred between different tribesrancorous manrandea dumetorumrandia dumetorumrandom successrandomrange of a carrange of mountains supposed to encircle the earthrange of mountains supposed to encircle the golden region which bounds the 7th circumambient continent and searange of mountainsrangeranges of the seven different hellsrank and file of an armyrank of state of a noblemanrank or abilitiesrank or characterrank or circum stancesrank or circumstancesrank or exuberant growth in vegetationrank or file of an armyrank poisonrankranking next to the five heinous sinsranknessranks or degreesranksrantranthusrap