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k aacutek acirck eacutek oacutekadam pa treekaffirkali and durgakali as having a goad in her handkalikallar tribekalpa of timekalpakalpaka treekalpaskama as armed with flowers as his arrowskama as son of vishnukama the hindu cu pid whose bow string is of beeskama the hindu cupidkama the indian cupid as born from the mind of vishnu or as seated in the heart of loverskama the moons asso ciatekamakamboja countrykandaharkandykannenkarana or astrological divi sion of timekarna as the elder brother of the pandavaskarna the princekarnakarnaskavery riverkaverypatnamkayakeckkeckingkeel of a vesselkeen sensibilitykeenness in perception or executionkeenness of a knifekeenness of an edge or pointkeenness of intellectkeenness of the faculties or senseskeennesskeep a daykeep alivekeep aloof as persons on bad termskeep apartkeep backkeep closely engagedkeep in orderkeep in remembrancekeep off wild beastskeep or take care ofkeep safelykeep underkeepkeeperkeeping a fastkeeping a feastkeeping a mistress or a concubinekeeping a schoolkeeping accountskeeping carefullykeeping close to the house as mourners till after the eighth day of the funeral cere monykeeping company withkeeping friendshipkeeping house separatelykeeping in secretkeeping it on the left sidekeeping low or mean societykeeping ones wordkeeping the same on the rightkeeping too nicelykeeping what belongs to anotherkeepingkennelkept by the descendants to assist in determining the precise time for the annual funeral riteskept for coveringkept from union with the deitykept in a brass vesselkept in honor of skandakept mistresskept six monthskept stationarykept with great carekerchief for the headkernel of an immature nutkernel of cornkernel of the nelli fruitkernel or pulp of which is too far advanced to be eatablekernel or seed of a fruitkernelskethukettle drumkettle drummerkettlekey holekey notekey struck in fallingkey to an affairkey with a holekeykeyskickkicking cowkicking with the footkickingkid or lambkidkidney beankidney of quadrupedskidneykidneyskidskill a war termkill erkillkilled by k aacutekilled by ramakilledkillerkillerskilling by magic or enchantmentkilling by magickilling in heapskillingkiln for lime or brickkiln keeperkilnkin dredkinkind and polite address to a visitorkind concernkind heart ednesskind heartkind heartedkind heartednesskind if oleanderkind metalkind of acid vegetable soupkind of alumkind of ama ranth whose seeds stick to the clotheskind of amethystkind of amuletkind of animalkind of anisekind of ant whose bite causes swellingkind of antkind of aquatic plantkind of aquatic shrubkind of ar senic occurring in rockskind of ar senickind of areca treekind of arecakind of arm ringkind of arrow fa bled in puranic story to the have been given by suryakind of arrowkind of arse nickind of arsenic in its natural statekind of arsenic prepared from mercurykind of arsenickind of assafoetida given to elephantskind of assafoetidakind of axekind of balance or steel yardkind of banian treekind of barbed ricekind of bas ket for betel nutkind of basket made of olas to protect fruit on the treekind of basket of cocoanut leaf or palmy ra leaf for fruitskind of basket used as a cullender for straining milkkind of basketkind of bastard saffronkind of battle axe the weapon of parasuramakind of bean that yields in the dewy seasonkind of bean used in medicineskind of beankind of beanskind of beautiful running plantkind of beetlekind of bellkind of benignant lookkind of bilious diseasekind of bird fabled to have two headskind of bird said to clean the crocodiles teethkind of bird that is taught to talkkind of bird very destructive to gardenskind of bird with a tail like that of a fishkind of birdkind of bismuthkind of bitter and medicinal seedkind of bitter wild plantainskind of black ant with a large head constantly shakingkind of black birdkind of black liquid found in the shellkind of black ochrekind of black stonekind of black water bird which dives under waterkind of black wood treekind of blackish sea fish