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abso lutenessabsolute blissabsolute deity in dependent of agenciesabsolute deityabsolute entireabsolute fastingabsolute negation or non existenceabsolute negationabsolute nothingnessabsolute quiescenceabsolute reposeabsolute sove reignabsolute sovereigntyabsolute titleabsoluteabsolutelyabsolutenessabsolveabsorb as a spungeabsorb at once or very quicklyabsorbabsorbed as water in the system after bathingabsorbed in spiritual contem plations and enjoymentsabsorbing or im bibing quicklyabsorp tionabsorptiom in the deityabsorption in the deityabsorption into the divine essenceabsorption of the senses by sleepabsorption of water in the systemabsorption or abstraction of mind in the contemplation and enjoyment of divine thingsabsorption or restraint of the sensesabsorption with the deityabsorptionabstain from fishabstain from veneryabstaining from food the next dayabstaining from sleep during the nightabstaining fromabstergeabstinence from foodabstinence from killingabstinence from the use of flesh from birthabstinence from venery as a medical prescriptionabstinence from venery as a regimen while taking medicineabstinence voluntary or prescribedabstinenceabstract contemplation of the ascetic in which the soul is sup posed to be independent of the body and mindabstract devotionabstract knowledge of siva as the deityabstract noun and subjective nounabstract noun be longing to a kind of defective negative verb that which is inseparableabstract nounsabstract of a subjectabstract of accountsabstract qualitiesabstract qualityabstract remarks or notes in an authors workabstractabstraction of mind from worldly objectsabstraction of the senses from fearabstractionabstruse construction of a passageabstruse ideaabstruse meaningabstruse poetryabstruseabstruseness of a subjectabstrusenessabstrusities of a scienceabsurd conductabsurdityabsurdlyabundance as of produceabundance of flowersabundance of moneyabundance of waterabundance of wealthabundanceabundant copiousabundant fruitabundant harvestabundant rainabundant sorrowabundantabundantlyabuse of powerabuse of propertyabuse of thingsabuseabusedabuserabusing one to the faceabusingabusive confu tationabusive languageabusive wordsabyss including all the nether worldsabyss of the seven nether worldsabyssacacia arabicaacacia in the adjective and genitive formsacacia leucophl aeacacia pennataacacia sundraacacia treeacademy of learningacademyacaly pha betulinsacalypha in dicaacalyphaacarus or tick on sheepacarusaccede toaccedeaccelerateaccentaccep tationaccept the divorceacceptacceptable or delightful thingacceptable sentiment or expressionacceptable timeacceptableacceptablenessacceptablyacceptance of a thingacceptanceaccepting and rejectingaccess toaccessaccessibleaccessionaccessoriness to a crimeaccident by wateraccident inadvertenceaccident or chanceaccidentaccidental occurrenceaccidentally or otherwiseaccidentallyacclamationacclivityaccommodating dispositionaccommodating manneraccommodationaccompained by external gesturesaccompanied with certain ceremonies regarded as auspiciousaccompanied with horripilationaccompanied with incantationsaccompanied with or arising from superior knowledgeaccompanied with prayersaccompaniment a form of the third case or the social ablativeaccompanimentaccompanyaccompanying little drumaccompanying smaller drumaccompanyingaccomplish a purposeaccomplishaccomplished personsaccomplishedaccomplisher as in educingaccomplisheraccomplishing an objectaccomplishment of a dreamaccomplishment of an objectaccomplishment of words or predictions spoken at randomaccomplishmentaccording to a vowaccording to ancient usageaccording to astrological calculationaccording to hindu notionsaccording to hindu philosophyaccording to hinduismaccording to methodaccording to ones own wishaccording to ones wordaccording to rottleraccording to ruleaccording to some legendsaccording to some schoolsaccording to someaccording to the actions of previous birthsaccording to the actions that gave them birthaccording to the agamasaccording to the ancient usageaccording to the character of the signsaccording to the connectionaccording to the destiny of eachaccording to the different ranks and classes in society as giving almsaccording to the different senses they are in tended to conveyaccording to the direction on which it is heardaccording to the languages spokenaccording to the legendaccording to the manner in which they are read or accentedaccording to the mystic cheologyaccording to the mystical philosophyaccording to the preponderanceaccording to the prescribed rules